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Born and raised in the heart of Chicago, singer and songwriter Marcus Matteo is finally ready to embark on his destiny to motivate, inspire, uplift and ultimately leave a lustrous legacy through music.

                             In honor of the upcoming release of MPFREE to a much wider audience via YouTube lyric videos, I thought it be a good time to share the story behind the songs of the album. As stated before, excludin  More...

I plan to release an album later this year, and I am pretty excited about it! Aside from some minor tweaks, they are mostly recorded and boy are there some GREAT songs on it! I don’t use that term lightly either! Anyhow, you may be surprised that th  More...

March 29, 2013

So it officially been a month since my debut release and while the numbers are hardly in reach for the Billboard Hot 100, I must say at this point its almost feeling just the same! I definitely want to thank you guys! I say it all the time but I can NOT d  More...

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