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Born and raised in the heart of Chicago, singer and songwriter Marcus Matteo is finally ready to embark on his destiny to motivate, inspire, uplift and ultimately leave a lustrous legacy through music.

   So I sleep for only a few short hours and wake up to be dropped back off with my car. I am now armed with the sun on my back, a snack bag, 300 dollars cash and a shovel I’ve purchased for 10 bucks. With the light I can now see that though the a  More...

The life of a musician can be many things filled with songs to play and sing. Though personal experiences and perceptions will change from person to person one fact will remain. If there’s one thing you can guarantee a musician’s life will nev  More...

Riding high off the release of his debut original EP ‘MPFREE’ (available for free), Chicago’s Marcus Matteo, is finally ready to show the world his true sound as an artist. His style would be best defined as ‘music that reflects li  More...

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