February 16, 2013



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As you may have noticed a short video for  ‘MPFREE’ was released today.  The video features the intro track to ‘MPFREE’ called ‘Sincerely……Marcus Matteo’, a short but sweet acapella number inviting you into the world of Marcus Matteo. You may also have noticed (particulary you Chicagoans) that Marcus is walking around seemly uncertain in a circle,   to ultimately end up going back where he started from. This is indicative of his story in his journey in music. The call signifies his calling in musc he walks away from this route and heads in the other direction, but then decides to turn around and go back on the path he belongs and silently invites you to join him!  Check back for updates and get ready for the debut of ‘MPFREE’ on February 20th 2013!