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Riding high off the release of his debut original EP ‘MPFREE’ (available for free), Chicago’s Marcus Matteo, is finally ready to show the world his true sound as an artist. His style would be best defined as ‘music that reflects life’. No genres, no borders, some serious, some fun but always GOOD! His first single ‘I don’t want to go to work today’ is an acoustic driven mid-tempo pop track, about falling into the routine of a unfulfilling ’9 to 5′ and having the epiphany that the only thing stopping you from something more, is probably you and your own actions. This is the first of more singles to come from the developing 2014 debut album. Please show your support and keep good and positive music alive by purchasing the track (available through all digital retailers) and spreading the word about Marcus Matteo. Its as easy as a Facebook share! Take care!    

August 14, 2013

Hello peoples! You may be happy to know that lyric videos have been released for ‘MPFREE’ ! This is a great way to share these tunes with friends all over social media! Remember that ‘MPFREE’ is a free download, thats right FREE! The music can not spread without your help….. yes you! It takes all of a few seconds to share these links with friends, post it on your Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, whatever you may use! The point is simply to spread the word about Marcus Matteo! There are so many great projects in store including new music and we are so excited to get rolling. Please remember no artist can succeed without their FANS! Lets keep adding fuel to the fire and bring back the ‘singing’ to today’s music 😉    

February 20, 2013

After many delays and tribulations, Marcus Matteos debut album MPFREE was finally released today as planned on SoundCloud, have a listen below. Tracks can be streamed and downloaded. Remember no one can be succesful without support! For good music to be heard it must be spread! If you like and believe in what you hear share it on every social media outlet you possess! And dont forget to follow us on those as well! Much more to come this year, stick around to find out what! Thanks!

February 16, 2013

As you may have noticed a short video for  ‘MPFREE’ was released today.  The video features the intro track to ‘MPFREE’ called ‘Sincerely……Marcus Matteo’, a short but sweet acapella number inviting you into the world of Marcus Matteo. You may also have noticed (particulary you Chicagoans) that Marcus is walking around seemly uncertain in a circle,   to ultimately end up going back where he started from. This is indicative of his story in his journey in music. The call signifies his calling in musc he walks away from this route and heads in the other direction, but then decides to turn around and go back on the path he belongs and silently invites you to join him!  Check back for updates and get ready for the debut of ‘MPFREE’ on February 20th 2013!

February 14, 2013

After many trials and tribulations and a whole 3 years in making, Marcus Matteo finally makes his artist debut with his first EP of original music, ‘MPfree’ a free digital download will be available February 20th 2013. ‘MPfree’ is a small 5 track collective of music initially inteded as a demo to sell songs to other artist. Marcus was the single producer of every track, and has also written, composed and arranged all but one, Official, which he  co-authored with upcoming songwriter Dane Dane and composer Emmery Williams. During the journey the decision was made that these songs, though written with other artist in mind, still embodied Marcus Matteo, and are suited for his own voice. Most will be included on the upcoming LP, ‘Introducing….. Marcus Matteo’ slated for release later this year. You can keep up to date with all things Marcus, by returning here, liking Marcus Matteo on Facebook, subscribing on Youtube and following on Twitter @MarcusMatteo!