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   So I sleep for only a few short hours and wake up to be dropped back off with my car. I am now armed with the sun on my back, a snack bag, 300 dollars cash and a shovel I’ve purchased for 10 bucks. With the light I can now see that though the area is heavily wooded, there are a few houses here, though I wonder how anyone could really drive on this ‘road’. I walk up that hill I couldn’t make it over, and I’m relieved that I did not….waiting on the other side was a steep drop into a completely unplowed cul de sac. I would have gotten my car back in the spring. I call roadside assistance again. And after many conversations, despite that fact that I’m willing to pay, the companies will NOT tow me. They are either unequipped, too busy or said they would come and never did. So I decide I will get to work with my shovel and keep moving back. In about 4 hours I had managed to get my car back 800 feet. Which was great, cause I only had about 3500 more to go (yes that was sarcasm). But soon enough, I was stuck again, this time on ice. At least when it was two of us, we could  easily push it over these problem areas, but by myself, it just was not working. So another hour later, I was starving, out of food, cold, low on energy, and showtime was coming up […]

The life of a musician can be many things filled with songs to play and sing. Though personal experiences and perceptions will change from person to person one fact will remain. If there’s one thing you can guarantee a musician’s life will never be, its boring, dull or simply plain or any word that means the same! Ok Im done, sorry I haven’t wrote a poem in a LONG time. However this said poem is very true. For some reason my life is very ‘eventful’ to say the least. Not that Im complaining because I feel extremely blessed, but I do often find my self in the craziest situations asking, “Why me?” Honestly though, I’m enjoying the ride and in the end, everything always turns out alright. The best part is something is usually gained in some way from each experience and I’m left with new wisdom and a great story to tell…. So about a week ago I had a gig in Traverse City, Michigan. Now I could say something cleverly insulting about this town at this moment, but I’ll just refrain and remain tactful. So myself and the other musicians were already aware of how the roads are notoriously awful there when theres snow abound. Unfortunately on my way there I received news that some of us already had a really bad car accident and just like that we down two singers and down in spirit. So its about 10pm and I’m driving on, now with extra caution….right onto an unpaved seasonal road […]

So I cant begin to explain how excited I am about the release of my first song thats actually for sale; ‘I don’t wanna go to work today!’ A quick reminder to everyone, that though ‘MPFREE‘ definitely has a strong urban, RnB overall feel, my own sound is less specific. I love music and I love creating it, I don’t hear genres, I just hear good or bad. My cumulative sound will generally be free of genres, I plan to simply make good music. I have ‘rock’ sounding songs, pop, urban, RnB, and contemporary, I’m all over the place! However, I think the root of my actually singing, will always be soulful rhythm and blues and that will always pull a cohesive sound together as my own. So about this song topic, a little atypical, yes… I know. But in all realness, the typical topics of ‘love’ and ‘sex’, work well but come on… there are many other things we can make songs about, so I took a chance and jumped into somewhat foreign territory. I wrote it years ago while working at a retail store and at the time, for me, the song was more literal to its title. It definitely has come a long way and now I think it encompasses more of the truth of what I really meant. It isn’t really about not going to work, but more about being trapped in the ‘9 to 5’ . Working that more ‘real-life’ job, knowing that you were meant for more and having an epiphany that if […]

September 16, 2013

My oh my guys,  where do I even begin?! Now that my EP has been released I can not describe how utterly alleviated I feel (In spite of there being still a significant amount still on my plate)! Not only has a huge load lifted but the positive reception of the work in tandem with this release, has just been indescribably uplifting, fulfilling and motivating. You may or may not know, but I have triumphed over some pretty major set backs just to release these 5 little tracks. You know, the funny thing I’ve learned about set backs, is they are an absolute necessity to our personal growth and discovery.   I think at our worst is where we find what we are really capable of at our best. When you are weak, you discover your greatest strengths. We even find our true friends and supporters, the ones who are really there for you, those who actually lend a hand, and those only present in your time of glory…..(you know the types).  Now I definitely ran into wall after wall of obstacles in my small journey and it was not easy, but was it life or death, NOOO, not really. I mean nothing was detrimental to my physical well being, nor anyone else’s, but it all means the world to me. Its my passion (word of the day)! What does a person have to live for without a passion for something, anything, whatever it may be. Even if you don’t know it at this moment, […]

April 18, 2013

                             In honor of the upcoming release of MPFREE to a much wider audience via YouTube lyric videos, I thought it be a good time to share the story behind the songs of the album. As stated before, excluding ‘Sincerely’, though the songs on MPFREE are all original songs performed by me, they were in fact, not written with me in mind to be the actual singer. I do love writing and creating music and I’ve come to learn that I’m quite good at it, so it’s pretty common that often I will write songs that are not meant for me to perform. The music is ever flowing in my head and I can always write something good. I have been writing for a long time, poetry, stories, and such, so songs came quite naturally.  For a short time I was aiming at writing  songs for already established artists. Later I decided to parlay those tracks into my own propaganda.  After all I can always do both. Here is the explanation of the songs and their intended artist.  Rock Ya Body– With its laidback Caribbean feel, this song maybe the easiest to identify. Penned with the hot Barbadian Rhianna in mind, ‘Rock Ya Body’ was originally intended to have a rap in the mix. Due to more ‘unfortunate circumstances’ this did not come to be. Though I can’t stand listening to my own songs I’ve found myself dancing to the track quite often! After all it is very dance-y, but here’s a little tidbit for […]