I plan to release an album later this year, and I am pretty excited about it! Aside from some minor tweaks, they are mostly recorded and boy are there some GREAT songs on it! I don’t use that term lightly either! Anyhow, you may be surprised that the music will not be what you expect. My style is not as linear as MPFREE. It’s definitely less traditional yet still not confusing. I’ve come to realize I am not genre specific but if you pay attention, you can see my style is very specific. Since most of my arrangements start at the piano (my favorite instrument) even the glossiest productions, work well stripped down. MPFREE would be best described as POP/RnB. This is fine by me.There are wide spread misconceptions and unfounded ugly connotations about POP music. Firstly ‘Pop’ is short for ‘popular’, though there are songs we feel fall into this category we have known to identify as ‘pop’,  it is not a specific genre. No song or artist is any less artful or le  More...

March 29, 2013

So it officially been a month since my debut release and while the numbers are hardly in reach for the Billboard Hot 100, I must say at this point its almost feeling just the same! I definitely want to thank you guys! I say it all the time but I can NOT do this alone and I am certainly not alone. From you guys that check up on me every now and then and share me with your friends, the friends who have listened to and screened every song I’ve made from conception to execution, to those who nag me everyday making sure I’m still working on this… I love you dearly, I need you and I am grateful. Getting something like this done in Chicago was no walk in the park, though you might imagine it would be. I mean it is Chicago after all, and there are tons of professional studios. You’d expect if you were willing and ready to pay real prices, for an assumed real product, you’d get the real deal with no hiccups right? Well I got a real reality check and life lesson, I’ll  More...

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