December 5, 2013




So I cant begin to explain how excited I am about the release of my first song thats actually for sale; ‘I don’t wanna go to work today!’ A quick reminder to everyone, that though ‘MPFREE‘ definitely has a strong urban, RnB overall feel, my own sound is less specific. I love music and I love creating it, I don’t hear genres, I just hear good or bad. My cumulative sound will generally be free of genres, I plan to simply make good music. I have ‘rock’ sounding songs, pop, urban, RnB, and contemporary, I’m all over the place! However, I think the root of my actually singing, will always be soulful rhythm and blues and that will always pull a cohesive sound together as my own. So about this song topic, a little atypical, yes… I know. But in all realness, the typical topics of ‘love’ and ‘sex’, work well but come on… there are many other things we can make songs about, so I took a chance and jumped into somewhat foreign territory.

I wrote it years ago while working at a retail store and at the time, for me, the song was more literal to its title. It definitely has come a long way and now I think it encompasses more of the truth of what I really meant. It isn’t really about not going to work, but more about being trapped in the ‘9 to 5’ . Working that more ‘real-life’ job, knowing that you were meant for more and having an epiphany that if you really long for more you can have it, and you should go for it! Its my own truth really. I’m not in denial. I know I haven’t gone full in to this ‘singing’ thing and I mean lets face it, when your an adult you’ve got bills to pay! It’s scary, how can you really put all you have into something like singing for a living? I’ve already spent so much, done so much, worked so hard and I still haven’t had my big break. There is so much rejection, so much doubt, so many times I’ve gotten so close just to have it all fall through… its mentally exhausting. A good singer comes a dime a dozen. What makes me special to stand out and really do it? I fight with this in my head everyday. I have no idea what I’m doing but I know how it feels when I sing for people or when I’ve uplifted someone, in some way, through song. I know that I’m good at it and I feel in my heart that I’m meant for it. It is my purpose and if your not living for a purpose, what are you living for?! So I’m gonna to keep trying, ’til my dying day. I’ll keep writing and I’ll keep creating, because that’s apart of who I am.

They say if you do what you love, you’ll never work, so  I don’t want to work and I don’t ever wanna go to work! I want to help make the world a better place, and a song is a great way to do that! Many thanks to co-producer Chris Cash  for helping bring my broken arrangements together and transposing my lazy keyboard ‘fingerings’ to real instrumentation.  I’m hoping people get the message of the song and enjoy it as well! And maybe someone else out there with a dream on the back burner can stop working to live and start living to work! Please show your support and keep good and positive music alive by purchasing the track and constantly spreading the word about performers like myself. Its as easy as a Facebook or Twitter share! It helps more than you know!

Love and music,

Marcus Matteo