September 16, 2013

4. Behind the PASSION


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My oh my guys,  where do I even begin?! Now that my EP has been released I can not describe how utterly alleviated I feel (In spite of there being still a significant amount still on my plate)! Not only has a huge load lifted but the positive reception of the work in tandem with this release, has just been indescribably uplifting, fulfilling and motivating. You may or may not know, but I have triumphed over some pretty major set backs just to release these 5 little tracks. You know, the funny thing I’ve learned about set backs, is they are an absolute necessity to our personal growth and discovery.


I think at our worst is where we find what we are really capable of at our best. When you are weak, you discover your greatest strengths. We even find our true friends and supporters, the ones who are really there for you, those who actually lend a hand, and those only present in your time of glory…..(you know the types).  Now I definitely ran into wall after wall of obstacles in my small journey and it was not easy, but was it life or death, NOOO, not really. I mean nothing was detrimental to my physical well being, nor anyone else’s, but it all means the world to me. Its my passion (word of the day)! What does a person have to live for without a passion for something, anything, whatever it may be. Even if you don’t know it at this moment, I still think its there, waiting to be discovered. I was just blessed enough to know (and have known), exactly what mine is…..and its not just music…. it is, at its core, simply, artistic creation.


There is something about art that connects with people on a level beyond the physical. That makes us feel, motivates us, that can make us smile or bring us to tears. Words, images, shapes and sounds. For what ever reason, I’ve been blessed with the ability to create works of art and connect with people through that art. And I am so very grateful for it. There is a power, but also, a rewarding feeling the stems from that connection. So, no matter whether it pays off big or not in the long run, it just what I HAVE to do.  If you are aware of your passion, you know exactly what I’m talking about! So….what is it? In the mean time in-between time GET READY, I’m in the first stages of releasing my first music for SALE as an artist! I am EXCITED! #teammatteo #BOOM


Love and Music,

Marcus Matteo