April 18, 2013

3. Behind the Music: MPFREE


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                             Sitepic 2

In honor of the upcoming release of MPFREE to a much wider audience via YouTube lyric videos, I thought it be a good time to share the story behind the songs of the album. As stated before, excluding ‘Sincerely’, though the songs on MPFREE are all original songs performed by me, they were in fact, not written with me in mind to be the actual singer. I do love writing and creating music and I’ve come to learn that I’m quite good at it, so it’s pretty common that often I will write songs that are not meant for me to perform. The music is ever flowing in my head and I can always write something good. I have been writing for a long time, poetry, stories, and such, so songs came quite naturally.  For a short time I was aiming at writing  songs for already established artists. Later I decided to parlay those tracks into my own propaganda.  After all I can always do both. Here is the explanation of the songs and their intended artist.

 Rock Ya Body– With its laidback Caribbean feel, this song maybe the easiest to identify. Penned with the hot Barbadian Rhianna in mind, ‘Rock Ya Body’ was originally intended to have a rap in the mix. Due to more ‘unfortunate circumstances’ this did not come to be. Though I can’t stand listening to my own songs I’ve found myself dancing to the track quite often! After all it is very dance-y, but here’s a little tidbit for ya, it is NOT about dancing, (hint hint)!

 Official– Now this one isn’t as concrete as the others. The first half of this song was written by another writer and I did not initially create the concept of it. The “oh oh oh” chants in the beginning put me in the mind set of a Chris Brown type, though I really had no artist in mind. Just a good collaboration of writing to make a good song, I’d say. My inspiration behind the writing was envisioning an urban wedding song. “I’m tired of playing games and I know you feel the same, say yes….. Lets make it OFFICIAL!”

 Love Set Me Free– Probably my favorite of the bunch, I did in fact write this song from my own personal perspective. You can be happy and still feel that something is missing. Who doesn’t want to be in love? Theres nothing that makes you feel more free. It was originally recorded with a different composition and a different second verse written by another writer. But since I was no longer working with them, I changed both. This epic number and its sonorous harmonies were written with Brandy in my mind, one of my favorite singers.

 Take it to the Dance floor– This song was meant to sound like a current song of old, granted that makes no sense but I think you get my drift! If Michael Jackson did a new pop song, I felt like this could’ve been it. Originally titled ‘Dance floor (ode to 80’s)’, I didn’t want to be so obvious. Hard kicks, snares and synths galore, I was hoping it’d be every 80’s baby guilty pleasure…..I guess well see!

 Hope you had fun reading this! How many did you guess? Check out the tunes again and see if you can hear it now. And as always thanks for your support and stay tuned!