April 11, 2013

2. Don’t knock POP! The Industry is changing!


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Chicago, R&B, R & B, pop, vocalist, male, singer, coverI plan to release an album later this year, and I am pretty excited about it! Aside from some minor tweaks, they are mostly recorded and boy are there some GREAT songs on it! I don’t use that term lightly either! Anyhow, you may be surprised that the music will not be what you expect. My style is not as linear as MPFREE. It’s definitely less traditional yet still not confusing. I’ve come to realize I am not genre specific but if you pay attention, you can see my style is very specific. Since most of my arrangements start at the piano (my favorite instrument) even the glossiest productions, work well stripped down. MPFREE would be best described as POP/RnB. This is fine by me.There are wide spread misconceptions and unfounded ugly connotations about POP music. Firstly ‘Pop’ is short for ‘popular’, though there are songs we feel fall into this category we have known to identify as ‘pop’,  it is not a specific genre. No song or artist is any less artful or less substantial than anything else just because it is commercially successful or has potential to be. I don’t care if you’re singing with a guitar or singing with a drum machine, if its good, I will be moved just the same. Music reflects life, from its deepest, to even the most shallow aspects. And just because you can dance to a song doesn’t mean it cant be lyrically profound or amazing in its arrangement or some other facet. I try to listen past the surface, there are lots of gems out there if you know how to find them. People should be less close minded in music, you’ll open your world to more things to enjoy and in my opinion, the same goes for life in general. Now you don’t have to like every song, I certainly don’t, however popular things are popular for a reason and there is ALWAYS something to respect within that.

However I totally get the disdain for some songs, whose popularity maybe facilitated by ridiculous radio spins over and over and OVER again. Its more so brain washing of sorts. And they don’t give other great songs the chance to be popular. It’s an age old manipulation of the industry that is now changing. With the implementation of YouTube plays now in the formula for charting billboard, you will see lots of songs and artist emerging that would not have before. This means Billboard will more so reflect the voice of the consumers than beguiled success patterns of ‘The Machine’. Exciting stuff, especially for starving artist such as myself :0). It means that a buzz and strong fan base could better catapult you in a successful position without the need of major label support, like artists such as Macklemore, who has a Hot 100 song under his belt and is actually not signed to any label.

I’m very inspired to keep putting out music and building my fan base! As always I am thankful for my support and I ask that you spread the word to a friend and support not just my art but anyone’s that you believe in. Music is in many ways the cheapest form of entertainment, yet it is immensely powerful. You can literally have your life changed by a song, a song you can probably buy for 99 cents! Speaking of which…MPFREE is free! If you haven’t downloaded it…..do it NOW! Do you know any amazing underground upcoming artist we should know about? Help them! Comment about them and let us check ‘em out!