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Born and raised in the heart of Chicago, singer and songwriter Marcus Matteo is finally ready to embark on his destiny to motivate, inspire, uplift and ultimately leave a lustrous legacy through music.

So I cant begin to explain how excited I am about the release of my first song thats actually for sale; ‘I don’t wanna go to work today!’ A quick reminder to everyone, that though ‘MPFREE‘ definitely has a strong urban, RnB  More...

September 16, 2013

My oh my guys,  where do I even begin?! Now that my EP has been released I can not describe how utterly alleviated I feel (In spite of there being still a significant amount still on my plate)! Not only has a huge load lifted but the positive reception o  More...

Hello peoples! You may be happy to know that lyric videos have been released for ‘MPFREE’ ! This is a great way to share these tunes with friends all over social media! Remember that ‘MPFREE’ is a free download, thats right FREE! T  More...

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